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It’s important to consider which dog will best fit in with your lifestyle as well as the preparations that a new furry family member requires. From choosing a breed to puppy-proofing to supplies, I can help guide you before you bring home your new dog or puppy to help set everyone up for success. 

My puppy & dog planning consultation includes:

  • Helping you identify a puppy/dog that will fit with your activity level and lifestyle.

  • Characteristics to consider if you're adding a new puppy/dog to a household that already has other companion animals.

  • Identifying an appropriate veterinary care team to make sure your new companion can be as healthy as possible.

  • Expert advice on what supplies you should have on hand before bringing home your new friend.

  • Tips on how to bond with your new puppy/dog from the moment they come home.


  • 1-hour Consultation: $140

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