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My dog, Hershey, started it in 2002. She lunged and barked at other dogs, and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to support her so she’d feel safe and not feel the need to react to other dogs. I was volunteering at the Wisconsin Humane Society and fostering with a breed rescue as I started learning about training to help Hershey.  I began spending vacation time from my “real job” learning about dog training and behavior. As Hershey came into her own, I did too. As a lifelong dog lover, it is so much fun to have found my passion. Coincidentally, I started college as an education major and eventually shifted course. Now, I’ve come full circle to teaching, only I am teaching people and dogs. In 2011, I started Cold Nose Canine and I’ve been loving my job ever since.


My personal dogs have all added to my training and education. I believe my dogs come to me for a reason, as I learn something different from each one. 


I use only positive training techniques, because research and behavior science have shown it’s the most effective way for you and your dog to learn. Plus, it’s fun! We’ll set reasonable expectations and rules for your dog as we train. We’ll use positive techniques, like rewarding with food, toys, touch and praise. What I do takes time, love, respect and consistency—just like any change. My goal is to help you be successful with your dog.



Dogs have been in my life forever and at a very young age I knew I wanted to work with them.  It is now 30 years later and I have been working, learning and rescuing them and I still love every minute. It is never boring.  I love how adaptable they are and how over the years I have become somewhat of a translator for them and their humans. I want others to know the joy of living with dogs.  I believe teaching and learning go hand in hand so I continue to educate myself at seminars and training programs. 


I am the mother of 2 grown boys and married to my very understanding husband.  We still foster.  My resident dogs are Lucy, a Chihuahua mix and Patch, a Yorkie/Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. 

Contact Bridget at 262-389-0282 or



My name is KK Herkert!  I am happy to be part of the Cold Nose Canine team of trainers!!  I have been training dogs since 2010, where I got my start teaching classes at PetSmart in Grafton. I left PetSmart in 2013 and in 2014 I started Konfident Kanine. I felt my strengths were better suited to helping pet owners in their homes. I am very passionate about the science of how dogs and humans learn and thrive through positive reinforcement.

When I’m not training dogs, I’m spending time with my husband and daughter. We are an active family who love snowmobiling, skiing, and spending time with our Australian Shepherds! 

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