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  • What if I need to reschedule a session?
    Training is important, but I understand that things come up. I try to be as flexible as possible. When you schedule an appointment with Cold Nose Canine, time is set aside only for you. Appointments cancelled less than 48 hours in advance will be billed the full session fee. Session fees must be paid before any subsequent sessions. I do not refund fees for any sessions or classes.
  • Is my dog trained after we’ve worked together?
    In order to fully integrate your customized training plan, your dog needs daily practice. I will teach you the skills you need so you can practice them daily!
  • What types of payment are accepted?
    Cash, check or credit.
  • Do you guarantee training?
    There are so many factors that affect behavior, and animals do think for themselves. So, while I can’t guarantee that your dog will behave the way you want every time you offer a cue, I can guarantee that I’ll refine your customized training plan until we find what works best for your and your dog.
  • What tools do you use? Are there any tools you will not recommend?
    All the training techniques I use are positive, pain-free and force-free. That means no threats and no choke chains, prong collars or electronic collars. Learning should be something that all of us, including our dogs, look forward to. Not only is force-free training significantly more pleasant for everyone, research has shown it’s more effective! The techniques I will show you use the same principles that are used to train animals in zoos and aquariums around the world.
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