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Cold Nose Canine is OPEN for appointments!!

 Contact me for details!

Welcome to Cold Nose Canine dog training, owned by Holly Lewis. It's where Milwaukee-area dog owners learn to make life safe, manageable and fun for their canine loved ones!

All of the techniques I use are based on the latest research, which shows that training in a positive way—using food, touch, toys, praise and life rewards—leads to a better-trained, happier dog. Plus, you get to build a loving and trusting relationship together. Your dog will be a willing participant, not a fearful partner!

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I offer a variety of dog training services, including private training and group classes, as well as puppy and dog planning and educational seminars. In addition, I'm also a Reiki practitioner and offer education on essential oils.

Services are available throughout southeast Wisconsin.


At heart, I’m a teacher. I enjoy how all animals learn, this goes for both ends of the leash—human and canine.

I love working with dogs of all ages and breeds and especially love that moment when dog and human realize positive interaction is totally possible! Whenever possible, I attend continuing education events to help further my knowledge and complement deepening the human/canine bond.

Veterinarians, Shelters, Rescues & Professional Organizations
Over 2000 happy clients since 2011 in metro Milwaukee
Over 2,000 hours of continuing education
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